Essential English vocabulary for drinking alcohol

Don't you lie - you too drink some alcohol once in a while! It is very common in English-speaking counties as well (St. Partick's day aka St. Drunk's day for instance!). For most people, drinking alcoholic drinks or beverages is a way to relax either at home, with friends or in a business or social situation. Therefore it is very useful to know some English words connected to drinking or not drinking alcohol.

Here are the most common alcoholic beverages served in (almost) any bar/pub:

- Beer: there are more than 30 different types of this drink, including various ales, porters, lagers and whatnot;

- Wine: 3 common "colours" of wine are red, white and rose (colour usually depends on the grapes), plus wine of every colour can be sweet, semi-sweet, semi-dry and dry. Oh, and don't forget about sparkling wine (various bruts and champagne);

- Strong alcoholic drinks: vodka, tequilla, whisky (or whiskey), rum, cognac etc. (of course, they all have different types too!)

- Cocktails: daiquiri, margarita, bloody mary, Tom Collins and many more!

Now then, imagine it's Friday night and you're getting drinking (verb, drinking alcohol of course, not orange juice!). Before that you were completely sober (adjective, not affected by alcohol), but after a few rounds (noun, a set of drinks, usually bought for a group of people) you begin feeling a little tipsy (adjective, a bit drunk). However, you accept the challenge and have extra 10+ shots (noun, a small drink, usually strong alcohol is served in shots) and by the end of the night you are totally wasted (adjective, really drunk, shame on you!).

The following morning you wake up feeling weak, having a terrific headache and wanting to smash your head against the floor - this is called a hangover. Oh, and you also throw promises around that you'll never drink again. Of course you won't!

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