Useful vocabulary for gamers!

It’s no secret that online games can help one with improving their English. However it is by no means a pleasant experience if you don’t understand 80% of the chat! And I dare you - try looking some words up in the dictionary – you simply won’t find them. But do not worry, here are a couple of useful words and expressions which will make your online communication much more enjoyable:

  • AFK (Away From Keyboard) – if you leave your PC for a cup of coffee, you go AFK.

  • DND (Do Not Disturb) – use that when you’re busy and don’t want to receive annoying chat messages.

  • DC - disconnect/disconnected;

  • DPS – Damage Per Second, this stat is the most important in MMOs, MOBAs, and real-time strategy games. (the number shows how much damage is done by unit(s), weapon or hero within one second: the higher the better!);

  • Healing – game mechanic of restoring your HP (Health Points).

  • Lag – The unnatural slowing down of a game due to a poor internet connection. Frequently blamed for losses, and once in awhile is legitimately responsible for losses;

  • Mob – MMORPG term for computer-controller monsters. Irritatingly, may refer to a single monster and not an actual group, as the word "mob" implies. Another name for a “mob” is an NPC (Non-Playable Character);

  • Noob, Noobie, Newb, Newbie – Generally derogatory term for a new and unskilled player who doesn’t understand the nuances of a particular game (“noob” being the most negative word, usually referring to inability to learn game mechanics).

  • PVE (Player versus Enemy) - Playing against the computer AI.

  • PvP (Player versus Player) - Competitive gaming, playing against real people.

  • RNG (Random Number Generator) - Most games have some element of randomness, and there are multiple programming methods for simulating this. An example would be your critical hit chance.

  • OP (OverPowered) – something having too much strength and therefore picked/used very often. Opposite of UP (UnderPowered).

Good luck online!

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