Great book to read - Being There by Jerzy Kosinski

Yet another great book to read if you're tired of monotonous classics and same-plot novels: "Being There" by Jerzy Kosiński.

It is the story of Chauncey Gardiner - Chance, a very usual man who emerges from nowhere to become a Wall Street celebrity, a presidential policy adviser, and a media icon. As "a man without qualities," Chance's straightforward responses to popular concerns are considered very intelligent and even visionary. Nobody understands what he is saying, but that does not stop his quotes from spreading rapidly. Being There is a brilliantly satiric look at the unreality of American media culture.

"It's a really touching, funny story and my only complaint would be that there wasn't enough of it. It could have been twice as long and I still wouldn't have wanted it to end. I would definitely recommend it to a friend."

"This book is simple, and really doesn't need to have too many words to be profound. The same can be said of sweet, simple-minded Chauncy Gardiner, the main character. At first, I wasn't sure whether he was sane or insane." Download the book here:

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